senda al glaciar
Glaciar track


guided tour to top

Lago Natación and
Cajón del Azul circuit

Access to
the Hielo Azul
and Barda Negra top





This tour requires a mountain guide who is hired at the refuge Realization depends on the weather and refuge organization factors.
We leave early from refuge. On the edge of the glacier we fit crampons (special shoes to walk on ice), put the harness and given a brief explanation of the use thereof.
In the tour crosses the glacier, stopping to photograph formations and spectacular bluish cracks, as the changes go by the glacier in its slow but steady progress is choose the best route, if possible will be a walk in the caves formed under the ice, and ice climbing test for those interested in trying the technique.
This tour will be explained in detail in the refuge for those who want to hire.
Its duration is approximately 6 hours from the leaving up around the shelter, there must be a minimum of 3 people to leave.
Due to the large amount of snow covering the glacier is usually held from mid December onwards.

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Refugio Hielo Azul. El Bolsón - Río Negro. Patagonia Argentina