senda al glaciar
Glaciar track

trekking on the glacier

Lago Natación and
Cajón del Azul circuit

Access to
the Hielo Azul
and Barda Negra top



This tour is technical because you have to cross the glacier entirely to reach the top, the duration since leaving and until the return is from 8 to 9 hours.
We will see the ice formations, cracks, sinkholes, rimayas, cryoconite and other beauties of the glacier, along with the breathtaking view from the top, where you can see the Chilean Volcanoes Puntiagudo and Osorno and spectacular Tronador mount in Bariloche, plus the many hills of the Andes mountain range.
As in the trekking on the glacier, this trip is a mountain guide AAGM, and the output is conditional on climate, time of year, and other external factors.
This tour is hired at the refuge.

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Refugio Hielo Azul. El Bolsón - Río Negro. Patagonia Argentina